10 kittens are taken care of by a cat that was found outside as a stray

Macy, a stray cat, and her newborn kittens were discovered. Another litter of kittens was being rescued and needed assistance when they were transported to safety.

The second litter’s mother couldn’t be located, so the finder gave the kittens to Macy in the hopes that she would take them in. The sweet calico welcomed them with her arms and began nursing and taking care of them as though they were her own without any hesitation.

For a total of 10 kittens, Wilma, a volunteer with the Humane League of Lancaster (in Pennsylvania), said that she was the mother of two litters of kittens combined.

Wilma took care of all 11 of them so Macy could have a cosy environment to grow her kittens and receive the assistance she required.

The amiable stray rapidly warmed up to her foster mother and began taking advantage of indoor life’s comforts. It didn’t take her long to show her sweet, cuddly side, and she gladly accepted my assistance with her young children.


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