A family transforms a pet dog into a decorative rug for the living room

When a family’s beloved golden retriever passed away, they discovered a special way to honour him.

To turn the cat into a decorative rug, they contacted the Australian business Chimera Taxidermy.

The odd gift would last a lifetime, according to Maddy, the business’s owner, because “the pelt has been tanned and made into leather so the fur won’t fall out.”

Some people didn’t like the notion; they thought it was ghoulish to preserve the pet in this manner.

Others, though, supported it. This is someone’s pet, one retorted. Similar to conserving a loved one’s ashes, they wished to preserve a piece of him for all time. Not for the purpose of taxidermy.

One more person commented on the unusual rug, calling it “Super cute,” adding that they had “never seen pets preserved as pelts before.”

Pet taxidermy has just really been more popular in the last five years or so, so it’s a pretty fresh thing to witness for most people, according to Maddy, 29, who told Yahoo News that the concept was becoming more and more popular.

Some are more of a sentimental remembrance, while others are on exhibit resting in their beds or being conserved in the manner desired by their owners.


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