A kitten becomes trapped in a car’s dashboard and is rescued by firefighters

The Richmond Fire Department took to Facebook to share a cute post about successfully rescuing a kitty trapped in a car’s dashboard.

“Every call is different for our firefighters, but we’re delighted this one had a pawsitive ending,” a fire department stated on Facebook after rescuing a kitten trapped inside the dashboard of a car. They stated that they collaborated with animal care and control officers to ensure the success of the rescue operation.

The Richmond Fire Department reported receiving a rescue call on Sunday afternoon. “Members of Engine 17’s A shift responded to the Dollar Tree on Cowardin Avenue at around 2:19 p.m. this past Sunday for a complaint of a kitten stuck in the dashboard of a vehicle,” they continued.

The crew members also removed many dashboard panels to assist the Richmond Animal Care and Control officer in retrieving the trapped cat, according to the post. “They were able to complete it and return to service at 2:37 p.m.,” they added.

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