A kitten found outside an office decides he will be raised by a cat after stumbling over to him

A diluted orange kitten without a mother was seen outside of an office a few weeks ago. He was just miniature and a little unsteady on his feet. He was transferred to Alley Cat Rescue securely thanks to the assistance of kind Samaritans (in Los Angeles).

The kitten, Frito, was only half the size he should have been and had a cleft lip. Despite everything, he was hungry and happy to receive attention.

“He had parasite and flea treatment, and we gradually increased feedings. He was a small baby but the loveliest thing, “Love Meow received this from Alley Cat Rescue.

Frito had his own cosy bed and a full stomach for the first time in a long. The little kid gained weight and learned about his surroundings since volunteers were taking care of him around-the-clock. His enthusiasm increased, and he started being lively and curious.

The young child insisted on having his foster mother by his side at all times before he was ready to interact with the other animals at the rescue.


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