A kitten who was discovered foraging for food transforms into a content indoor cat

Little Wanderers NYC volunteers acted quickly when they learned that several kittens were in need of assistance outside an upholstery store in the Bronx, New York.

The kittens were in bad condition. A ginger tabby who was scrounging and walking among them appeared to be looking for food. He had a blocked nose and had trouble seeing due to the eye crust. In an effort to place the group of street cats in foster homes, Suzy and her fellow rescuer set up a number of humane traps.

Suzy told Love Meow that the ginger baby would be the most difficult to catch because he couldn’t smell the food his family was eating.

Seven kittens were saved one at a time. That evening, the ginger boy successfully navigated a trap and said good-bye to the gritty alley life. “He crawled on my lap despite being the smallest and most timid.”

While the rescue organisation took care of the kittens, volunteers continued their search for the cat mother and one more kitten with the assistance of the store owners. They worked very hard to bring the mother, the eight kittens, and themselves to safety.


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