Abandoned kittens, are saved thanks to Cat Man Chris and rescuers working together

Ginny and Emmy, two abandoned kittens, were saved by Cat Man Chris and rescuers from Tiny Paws Fosters. The beautiful couple is now searching for their perfect holiday house.

Ginny, a 6-7 week old ginger kitten with a weight of just over a pound, arrived at the home where a kind person provides food for a group of feral cats in late October. As part of Cat Man Chris’ continuous trap, neuter, release (TNR) programme, all the females were spayed.

Without a mother or siblings nearby, the lone kitten’s origin was unknown. It’s possible that someone dumped her there with the idea that she could survive among the feral cats.

For days, Chris worked with the woman to set traps, trying to catch Ginny. However, the wary kitten resisted capture out of terror. Then, one day, Ginny let her defences down and was handcuffed by the woman. Chris then brought the kitten to a foster home. Thankfully, Tiny Paws Fosters’ Nadija agreed to take her in as a foster child.

The “easily spooked” kitten made progress as part of care as soon as she realised she was safe and loved.


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