An abandoned dog is spotted by a woman waiting for his family to return in the rain

While navigating the South Carolina roadways in the pouring rain, Angela Simmons caught a glimpse of a dejected face peering back at her through her hazy car window. Simmons had been looking for that face.

A nice dog that was chained up next to a couch by the side of the road earlier that day had been reported to Simmons by residents of a nearby trailer park. Simmons understood she had to pitch in.

Simmons saw the dog’s itchy paws and nose as she walked up to him. He had spent a lot of time outdoors without being properly cared for. The dog had enough of affection to share, despite his predicament, it was evident.

The puppy, eventually named Murphy, was placed in a foster home with assistance from Auction For A Kaws, where he quickly adjusted to the benefits of having a family.

You can view a video about Murphy’s journey created by Auction For A Kaws here:

Murphy is now participating in a family’s house trial. The adorable dog will soon have the lasting love and community he has always deserved. He used to spend his days alone on a worn-out couch watching the cars drive by.

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