An incredible bond of cats and have been waiting for their ideal home together for 6 months

When their owner’s health became too poor to care for them, Milo (a tabby) and Angus (a black) were surrendered to Nashville Cat Rescue. They had been a connected couple since birth and were now 10 years old.

Milo was incredibly anxious after leaving the environment they had known their entire lives, and Angus was very noisy during the car ride to their foster home. Sarah Sylvester, a foster for Nashville Cat Rescue, told Love Meow, “I set the boys up in my foster room, laid out food and water and left them alone for the evening to decompress.

When it came to feeding and toilet breaks, Angus spent the first two weeks hiding out in a small cubbyhole in a cat tree, while Milo started to venture out more frequently.

Sarah played a range of sounds and tones while the boys adjusted while she sat quietly in the room with them. “Milo started to slowly approach me for cuddles and scritches. He is the more self-assured of the two and took the initiative to get to know me.”

Sarah observed Milo’s greasy coat, dull eyes, excessive thirst, and other symptoms of a health problem as they cuddled closer together. She immediately took the tabby to a vet clinic.


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