An Orlando feral cat rescuer performs a “Christmas miracle” for a Winter Garden family

Thanks to an Orlando-based wild cat rescuer, Thistle, a Russian Blue cat, recently became the best Christmas miracle in history for a Winter Garden, Florida family.

For ten years, Laurie Bobletz has taken care of a colony of stray cats in Orlando. She developed the habit of looking after stray and feral cats close to her home after a neighbour relocated and abandoned their cat.

One evening, she heard meowing outside her door and looked out to see a brand-new cat. A nice Russian Blue cat materialised on the doorstep. As the cat’s behaviour suggested he wasn’t feral but had been loved by someone, Bobletz could tell he was hungry.

He must have known this was the place to go for assistance in some way. In fact, Thistle the missing cat was exactly where he needed to be. Bobletz decided to check Thistle for a microchip because of her knowledge and sympathy for cats. She would first need to catch him because he escaped before she could do so. Two weeks would pass before the cat finally entered her house.

She had no idea that her persistent efforts would result in a Christmas miracle for a family in Winter Garden, which was 45 minutes away.


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