Biker rescues the dog after witnessing a man assaulting him on the highway

Turnbow was travelling on his motorcycle down Texas’ Highway 171, on his way to meet his father for a day of biking.

Turnbow witnessed a horrible man abusing a young Jack Russell as he was driving along the highway. Turnbow was stunned, and he made the hasty decision to tell the man what’s on his mind. He was about to respond when the man dumped the dog onto the curb and drove off.

Turnbow feared the dog might dart into oncoming traffic, but happily he remained still.

Turnbow was aware that he needed to act swiftly, but he didn’t want to frighten the dog further. So, to help the pup get acclimated to the vibrations, he started the motorcycle before getting back on the road. Turnbow placed the tiny Jack Russell into his backpack once it appeared that the animal was at ease.

Turnbow adopted the puppy that day and gave him the name Mr. Davidson in honour of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Fortunately, Mr. Davidson cherished accompanying Turnbow on his motorcycle!

The 10-year-old dog adapted well to life at Turnbow’s home and soon developed feelings for his new dad.


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