Cat Found Outside and So Happy to Be Taken into Comfortable Home So Her Kittens Can Thrive

A family spotted an orange tabby cat and brought it to the veterinarian’s office. She arrived with a bite mark on her right hip, suggesting that she had engaged in combat with another animal.

An ultrasound that was performed on the cat revealed that she was pregnant. She was sent to Cat Adoption Team after spending time in the county shelter’s stray holding area (in Oregon).

Renee, who works and fosters for Cat Adoption Team, explained how she got to be with us to Love Meow: “She did not have a microchip, and no one came looking for her.

Renee offered to take the expectant woman in as a foster mother because she needed a secure environment to nurture her kittens. After being left to fend for herself outside for some time, the tabby named Duchess was initially a little timid and anxious.

Duchess warmed up to her people gradually but surely, began to unwind, and even rolled over for belly massages. She was becoming more at ease, and occasionally she played rough.


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