Cat Is Obsessed With His Mother’s Potato Cabinet

Most cats like to spend their time in their bed, a basket, or a cat tree. Nugget, on the other hand.

When the rescue cat spotted a potato-filled cabinet beneath the kitchen sink, he decided it would make an excellent den. Nugget’s safe haven is the potato cabinet. A place where he can keep his prized potatoes safe and toasty.

Nugget’s mother, Anshu, told The Dodo, “He started doing this approximately nine months ago when I mistakenly left [the cupboard door] open while cooking.” “He simply leaped to the second shelf, stepped over the six or seven potatoes, and made himself at home at the back!”

Nugget’s previous owners abandoned him on the streets after he had a terrible childhood. The 8-year-old cat is now extremely close to his mother and follows her around at all times.

Anshu described Nugget as “the most loving cat ever.” “He enjoys cuddling and will snuggle up to you whenever he has the opportunity.” He needs to sit on my lap whether I’m trying to work or watch TV.”

Nugget, on the other hand, still has anxiety and is wary of new people. The potato cabinet provides a safe haven for the rescue cat whenever he feels bashful or terrified.


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