Cat Is Obsessed With Sinks, So Her Family Bought One For Her

Lazuli’s family soon learned that she really, truly loves sinks after taking in Lazuli and her sister Lapis when they were just small kittens.

Lazuli will loiter around the sinks near her home for a number of hours every day. Her parents finally had a fantastic idea because she loves them so much: why not get her a sink of her own?

Lazuli’s father, Brennan, asked that his last name not be used. “She kept slipping into the bathrooms as we were leaving them to relax in sinks and then would yell for help when she realised she was stuck in there without the rest of her pack/pride,” he said.

The parents of Lazuli and Lapis wanted to buy Lazuli her very own sink to install in her own room since she and Lapis both have their own space in the house. They went to Home Depot and looked around the sink selection before choosing the one they felt Lazuli would enjoy the most and bringing it home.

It was only a few dollars extra than the majority of cat trees and toys, so Brennan said it was worthwhile. It was simple for her to set up because it isn’t really that heavy as you may imagine.

Summertime is when it gets quite popular, but just with Lazuli, according to Brennan. The other cats don’t appear to be concerned.

Lazuli uses the sink alone, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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