Cat Mother’s Extra Beans Help the Kitten Learn to Climb and Jump Like a Champion

The cat Sarasota and her sole kitten Summer were delivered to a Los Angeles animal shelter. The kitten has extra toes on both the front and hind paws, just like his polydactyl mother.

Staff noted Summer’s back legs were splayed out to the sides right away due to Swimmer’s Syndrome, a congenital ailment. They asked Alley Cat Rescue for help because they were familiar with working with kittens like Summer.

The little cat was given care by Alley Cat Rescue and started receiving daily massages and stretching exercises.

When Summer first arrived, he was unable to stand on his hind legs, but he made every effort to move ahead.

Alley Cat Rescue explained to Love Meow that they “massaged his tendons, did some brief taping sessions to help him, as well as providing a whole lot of love, games, and pets to encourage him to exercise those little legs as much as he could.”


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