Cat with Massive Tumor Finally Smiles Again, Read Full Story

A really courageous cat with a massive tumour on her face persisted.

She was helped to regain her smile by rescuers who prevented her from being put to death.

Welcome Keta!

The lovely cat Keta battled to live despite having a huge tumour on her face.

She was an abandoned cat that was brought to a shelter where she was waiting to be put to death. But happily, Unwanted NYC Pets found her just in time.

The volunteers moved fast to raise the money necessary to provide her with the operation she so urgently need.

Keta is a cat with a strong appetite and plenty of energy despite her startling appearance.

She had made it obvious that she would not back down. Surgery was obviously the best course of action, but it wasn’t without risk.

The large tumor’s removal had volunteers extremely concerned that she might lose her ability to see and eat normally.

We chose to go with the operation to remove the large tumour despite the possibility that she would lose an eye, require a feeding tube, or be so deformed that no one would want to adopt her after consulting with numerous specialists and undergoing testing.

Dr. Tomas Ingernuso, the surgeon, was able to prevent any complications and remove the tumour effectively.

Keta’s recovery was more remarkable than anyone could have imagined.

Her appetite is as robust as ever, and her skin is tightening. She currently leads an ordinary cat’s life. She eats, sleeps, and plays.

For this extraordinary cat, things were beginning to look much better.

She only requires adoption into her forever family at this point to complete her life.

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