Couple Discovers a Clever Way to Trick their Extremely Clingy Cat

All cat owners are aware of how clingy cats can be. In fact, it was boring to a degree. Query Rebecca May and her spouse. Three years ago, they obtained a pet cat named Ziggy from a nearby London animal shelter. Ziggy was really shy at first, but she eventually revealed her true self. She has developed a close attachment with her “parents” and spends the entire day clinging to them.

Ziggy will find a way to cling to her favourite persons even if a lap is not available. “She’ll sit on your arm, shoulder, or back. She simply needs to feel “connected” to you, Rebecca added.

Of course, if you work from home, this could be an issue. Rebecca had a fantastic idea to make everything right: a fake lap! That’s correct, the cat has no idea that the couple made a fake lap out of a pair of lounge trousers.

Ziggy leapt on the sofa the moment they placed their “creation” there. The ruse succeeded, and now everyone is content. A faux lap isn’t a replacement for the real thing, of course, but Rebecca and her husband can get by just fine on one during the course of a typical workday.

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