Couple purchases an old farmhouse but soon discovers it has cats

One of the first things Emily Bott and Dylan Loewke saw when they went to look at an ancient farmhouse was all the cats just hanging out in the front yard. The pair was definitely attracted by the 15 barn cats that appeared to be included with the property.

According to Bott, who spoke to The Dodo, “We asked our realtor if the cats were going to be left behind, and we were informed that they would all be gone by the time we moved in.” My boyfriend took it upon himself to insist that the cats remain on the property after our offer on the house was accepted. The one reason I had never kept a cat before made me initially nervous.

The cats had some dry food left out for them by the previous owners, but that was about all the attention they got. None of the cats had been spayed or neutered yet, and several of them had health problems. The couple immediately decided to ensure that all 15 of their new kitties received the care they required. The next phase was gaining their trust after that.

Valencia was the only cat at first that was approachable and sociable, according to Bott. Our queen bee, she is. It took months (and sometimes years) for the other animals to gain enough trust in us to approach them and even pat them, but I could tell there were a few others who were curious and interested in us.

Since moving in, the couple has also adopted Tofey, another barn cat, who has gotten along well with the other members of the pack. They were motivated to help cats in need by their gorgeous pack of barn cats, and they hope to ultimately open their own animal refuge.

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