Dogs Sit Perfectly Still For Family Photo As A Whole Pack

Releash Atlanta dog foster Melissa Lentz provided The Dodo with a list on the individuals in this picture.

Top to bottom, Lentz said, “Mia, Pancake, Paxton. Benji, Gizmo, Alex, Penny, Donny, Lula, Monroe, and Rudy are pictured bottom row, from left to right.

Lentz said that “Gizmo, Donny, Monroe, and Rudy are mine,” while seven of the featured dogs are foster dogs looking for homes.

Perhaps even more amazing is the fact that the flawless photo is not an isolated incident.

Lentz occasionally even succeeds in joining the group to get the ideal shot.

But how does she manage to get such ideal family photographs — something that is challenging enough for people?

I merely placed them on the couch one at a time, and they positioned themselves. said Lentz. “I don’t use anything—not even food or treats. I simply ask them to turn to face me.”

Since they show the foster children at a critical juncture in their lives, when they are learning how to feel at home with the longer-term hope that they will soon find their own forever homes, the photos are not only adorable but also somewhat emotional.

They are fortunate to have found this dog whisperer to assist them on their trip.


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