Family dog befriends cat and decides to help watch her needy kittens

With the help of the Virginia-based Animal Welfare League of Arlington, a pregnant tabby cat was brought to its foster home. When she was about two years old, she was quite outgoing, self-assured, and she felt at home right away.

She made friends with the neighbourhood dogs and cat, but she particularly warmed up to Kona, a dog who loves cats and lives for watching after kittens. Freckles, the tabby, approached Kona and wiped her face all over her.

A few weeks later, Freckles gave birth to six stunning, healthy kittens. She immediately began her motherly responsibilities and devoted every waking moment to raising her children.

Asa, her foster mother, gave her the loveliest head bumps and purrs whenever she entered the room. Asa told Love Meow, “Six hungry babies is a lot, but she has been doing wonderful with taking care of them all.”

Kona, the extraordinary kitten nanny, heard the infants leaving the foster room. Knowing that new babies were waiting for her attention, her eyes glowed and her tail twitched with joy.

Kona was rescued as a mother who reared her puppies until they were old enough for adoption, just like Freckles. She eventually got her forever home with Asa, her foster mother, and ever since she has been raising other animals in need.

From the minute she heard the kittens, the loving dog anticipated seeing them.

Asa told Love Meow, “I’m concentrating on socialising them with Kona more now that they’re six weeks old. “I’m hopeful that by the time they’re ready for adoption, they’ll develop into dog-friendly cats!”

The kittens have entered a new stage of mischief and curiosities. Beginning to take a backseat and spend more time with her people is Mama Freckles.

Kona, on the other hand, is very serious about her job and is excited to see the babies.

With these rambunctious tiny ones, the loving dog has all the patience in the world. While giving them kisses and cuddles, she is instructing them in social skills.

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