Fires are engulfed as a dog rushes to save his kitten pal

Positive news frequently goes missed in the busy society we currently live in. We are so preoccupied with tragedy and drama that we frequently fail to notice deeds of valour. Consider this story from Ukraine, where a brave dog just rushed into a blazing house to save his kitten friend. This tale is a fairly significant one if you ever needed another reason to appreciate dogs.


A house fire in the Donetsk city broke out last month, sending smoke and ash clouds into the sky. As soon as it started, the residents and their dog fled in fear. Sadly, the kitten was stuck inside and was left unattended since they forgot about it.

No one, really, save the dog. The dog ran into the flames to save his friend from certain death while the unfortunate owner sobbed helplessly unable to save the cat. He quickly left while holding the kitten in his mouth. Amazingly, neither was hurt. The dog and cat were closest friends who played together all day long. The owner was happy that both of his friends survived this awful incident because of this dog.

The dog took a huge risk in order to save his small pal. It’s true that people wouldn’t act in the same way, but dogs are unique beings. This story’s lesson is to never leave somebody behind. If a brave dog could accomplish it,

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