Hefty Cat Named Logan, Who Lives at a Hotel and Loves to Greet Guests, Causes Internet to Go Wild!

NEW HAMPSHIRE – Video of a large cat slowly walking around a hotel parking lot before collapsing weary on the ground is becoming viral online.

The video of the hotel pet, a domestic cat named Logan who amuses guests at the Best Western Silver Fox Inn in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, has received more than 22 million views.

The video shows Logan attempting to support his massive frame on his own four paws before he finally falls to the ground helpless to turn around.

Logan has reportedly become into somewhat of a local, well-liked attraction in New Hampshire, with visitors coming from far away only to see him, according to the hotel’s Facebook page.

Logan is a large cat, and everyone adores him. One message reads, “The legend develops! Sometimes people come for a first visit but they’ve previously heard about Logan.

In other images, Logan is seen dozing off in a leather chair and acting as a fluffy door stopper while also spread out on the floor.

While the majority of people seem to be tremendous fans of the obese cat, some viewers have contacted the owners to shame them for ‘overfeeding’ and ‘killing’ the cat.

You must stop giving your cat food. There’s no defence for it; it’s cruel. Laura said, “You’re killing that cat.

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