Homeless Kittens’ New Mom Is A Rescue Dog

Two abandoned kittens were taken in by a rescue dog, who has since taken on the role of their mother. Ms. Jackson is a rescue dog with a big heart, who has a special place in her heart for little foster kittens. She was given to a foster family for kittens.

Her maternal instinct immediately awoke when they brought back a pair of abandoned kittens from the shelter, and she began to clean and tend to them as a mother would.

The kittens fell in love and started nursing from their fictitious mother.

She allowed them to try nursing this morning.

It was excessive, according to jeckhrdt on imgur.

The kittens in Ms. Jackson’s new foster home are now her babies!

She always keeps them by her side and is fiercely protective of them.

She is also a very understanding mother dog.

“I received additional change. These sad cats also deserve another chance.

Although there is no actual footage of Ms. Jackson and her children, we can only speculate that it would resemble this:

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