‘I take my dogs to Starbucks and McDonald’s, and they love birthday celebrations,’ she says

A woman has described how she spends £15 on ‘barkday parties’ and McDonald’s for her eight dogs. Bethany Stokoe, 27, of Consett, County Durham, is the delighted owner of eight Staffordshire bull terrier cross dogs named Kira, Rio, Ziggy, Ziva, Max, Dexter, Misty, and Mitzey.

Owner Bethany spoils the group by hiring out doggie cafes for their birthdays and even taking them to Starbucks and McDonald’s. Bethany has been posting videos of their adventures on TikTok, garnering over 100,000 views from dog lovers who wonder how she does it all.

She stated: “I took them to Starbucks and McDonald’s in honour of Snoop, one of the pack members who died last year.

“We went through the drive-thru at both locations because I didn’t want to tie them all to the bench outside because they’d probably pull it out of the ground.

“Everyone was starring at us and asking me questions like, “Are they yours?” and “Are you a dog walker?” – Meanwhile, everyone on the team thought it was hilarious.

“Each doggy received a puppuccino and a simple cheeseburger, so they were all happy.

We always attempt to celebrate their birthdays in style, either by renting a doggie cafe, which is extremely inexpensive, or by renting a field with a climbing area for them, both of which cost less than £15.

“We’ve had some incredible Barkday parties at doggie cafes, where I’ve invited friends and their dogs to play games like doggy pass the parcel while each pup wears a party hat.”

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