Kevin the kitten on the tree is rescued by a woman, and he later adopts the family

A sympathetic Ashley Pennington lived nearby when an orange tabby kitten later named Kevin began to scream loudly for assistance after becoming entangled in a tree. To their initial surprise, he moved in right away and immediately became a permanent member of the family. It appears as though the kitten had a strategy.

Cats frequently appear to select their family rather than the other way around in stories. Cats, for instance, occasionally appear to recognise their owner the moment they spot them in a shelter. Is it conceivable?

Recently, we told the tale of Bruiser, an elderly cat in a shelter who, upon seeing a visitor, ran over, climbed up, and gave her a bear hug around the neck.

He might have known that she would come back someday to offer him a permanent home, which she did.

The family would also never be the same after Kevin arrived.

Pennington noticed a faint meowing sound as he was walking the dog outdoors. She continued walking while trying to figure out where it was coming from. When she got back home, the sound got louder, and she finally focused on the tree. There, Kevin, the little kitten in trouble, had allowed his curiosity to rule him.

It required a ladder to lower the kitten because he was so high up. However, Pennington was able to save the kitten. That’s when Kevin’s strategy began to work. He immediately began stroking across her legs as he followed her inside. After that, the kitty actually collapsed on the welcome mat by the front entrance. The family dog, Otis, warmed up to the little kitten right away. Kevin just needed to wait for a chance at this point.

In little time at all, Kevin was playing on the couch with another rescue dog named Otis. They appear to have always loved each other, as seen by the photos and TikTok videos.

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