Kitten receives help to repair his chest and repays the favour by helping

Sky the kitten was discovered lost in the streets of Los Angeles, suffering from a chin wound. He was taken into the care of Alley Cat Rescue, who immediately sought medical attention for him.

Sky experienced breathing issues as the kitten underwent surgery to fix his chin. They revealed through X-rays that he had Pectus Excavatum, commonly known as funnel chest, which is characterised by an inward displacement of the sternum.

Sky was getting ready for yet another surgery to repair his chest while his chin was mending and his upper respiratory infection was clearing up.

He constantly yearned for people’s attention and filled the space with his joyful rumbling purrs. Alley Cat Rescue told Love Meow that “He is the sweetest little boy and purrs the moment you pet him.”

He would climb up on his foster mother, give her that stunning blue-eyed look, and then melt into her lap.


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