Momma Cat Adopts Three Orphaned Kittens After Losing All Three of Her Kittens

Mikey is a truly remarkable mother cat who, sadly, lost all three of her own kittens. When she was given three abandoned kittens in need of a new mother, she experienced joy once more.

These three abandoned kittens resemble Mikey in size and almost exact coloration and markings.

The mother cat, who was eight months old and had just lost her own kittens, was depressed. Hillary contacted Houston-based cat rescue charity Dori’s Darlings for assistance and guidance because she couldn’t bear to see Mikey in pain.

A foster mother by the name of Amanda was also taking care of three tiny baby kittens that she had just been given three days before. These kittens had only recently been born. There were still connections attached to them

The kittens were being fed and cared for round-the-clock as needed by Amanda and another volunteer named Kelli. After hearing Mikey’s tale, they offered to take the kittens to the distraught mother cat to determine if it would be a good match.

Amanda said Mikey, “I have some babies for you so you can be a mommy again.” In (Huffington Post)

As soon as Amanda set the kittens in front of the cat mother, Mikey began to cuddle and groom them as if they were her own. After a thorough bath, Mikey turned over and let the kittens suckle from her.

Undoubtedly, it was a match made in heaven.

Mikey truly enjoys her brand-new children. She holds them close, gives them a bath, and even nods off.

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