Office Cat Madix Was Recovered 9 Days After the Building Was Destroyed by a Tornado

Madix was an office cat who lived in a downtown Mayfield, Kentucky, three-story building. One of the hardest-hit cities in the state, Mayfield, was struck late on Friday, December 10, by what the governor called the “most deadly tornado event in Kentucky’s history.”

There were 110 people working in the nearby candle factory when its roof collapsed, killing at least eight people. As far as the eye could see, there was wreckage and debris everywhere.

Sonny “Hoot” Gibson stood among the wreckage of the rental establishment nine days after the tornado, where the black cat with the yellow eyes frequently greeted clients. It was a sunny Sunday.

A very faint meowing sound was then heard.

He was suddenly overcome with optimism and began digging through the debris for the cat that had gone missing after the tornado. He called the staff to see if they could assist him find Madix, but they couldn’t. The cat was then discovered in a hole beneath the debris.

Amazingly, despite being hungry and thirsty, the cat was fine. Gibson held him as she admired the black cat’s good fortune and nine lives.


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