Puppy Left Alone In The Woods Waiting For Someone To Notice Him

Hank wasn’t a puppy at all; he was already 8 months old when a kind stranger discovered him in the woods. The lonely dog appeared unconcerned by the man approaching him and sat perfectly still on a broken dog bed instead of galloping about the forest with youthful exuberance.

He was surrounded by his old toys and an unopenable sealed bag of dog food, but his face betrayed a desperate need for assistance.

The Good Samaritan made a call to their neighbourhood animal shelter, which immediately sent workers to the area to rescue Hank. Since he was in survival mode, they were concerned that he may grow hostile during the rescue, so they were pleasantly surprised to see that he had a different disposition.

After being saved, Hank was taken to the veterinarian by the shelter staff, where it was discovered that he had a broken leg. Doctors determined that Hank sustained this injury more than two weeks prior to being rescued.

They claimed that’s why he didn’t go out of his bed in the woods. Simply put, it was too painful.


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