Rare Brown Coat Cat Has Four Kittens, and a Loving Family Will Help Them Survive

A family of five that required rescue was brought to the attention of Laura Malone, a director of Mini Cat Town (in San Jose, California), last month. Four kittens and their mother cat were brought to the local animal shelter.

There is not a lot of information available on their origins. Given her size and friendliness, Laura told Love Meow, “I can guess she was looked after often by a person, but her paw pads are dry like a cat who has spent quite a deal of time outside.”

Mini Cat Town didn’t think twice about caring for the family. They soon saw the gorgeous chocolate or cinnamon brown fur that covered all four of the kittens.

“We have 4 females. Two have white stockings and white markings on the face and chest, and two have what appears to be a solid pattern “Laura tacked on.

“I have a hunch that Mom’s nose and toe beans won’t turn black like mine did, but instead might stay close to this shade because they appear to be a reddish brown tone. If that’s the case, they’ll be quite distinctive!”


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