Rescue dog is patiently waiting by her bed for her father to tuck her in each night

For a worried dog named Bailey, it hasn’t always been simple to get a decent night’s sleep.

However, the rescue dog has been sleeping like a baby ever since her dad, Mac Clenney, began covering her up like a burrito during their romantic evening routine.

Clenney told The Dodo, “Anytime we would cuddle with blankets on the couch, Bailey would feel lot more at ease and calmer whenever she was wrapped or covered.”

But Bailey and her father’s relationship didn’t develop straight soon.

In 2020, Clenney and his wife adopted Bailey from Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. They soon learned that the little dog needed help overcoming some concerns.

Bailey was described as one of the most frightened and timid dogs that Clenney’s lovely foster mother had ever encountered when the two of them first met.

Clenney fell in love with Bailey and tried to calm her fears by working with a canine behaviourist, but it wasn’t simple.

Every time I entered the living room, “she would jump off the back of the couch and run,” Clenney recalled. Before she felt comfortable with me even approaching her, it took her more than six months.

Bailey eventually gained the confidence in her new family and allowed Clenney to establish the calming bedtime ritual that Bailey now looks forward to.

Clenney recalled, “We once did that as a little goodnight joke, and when she nestled into it, we decided to leave her. “We started doing it every night after discovering she was still tucked in when [we] got up the following morning.”

Bailey’s evening ritual can be seen here:

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