Senior Shelter Dog Requests Nightly Tuck-In From Caring Staff

Sandy has a nightly ritual that she looks forward to. Since arriving at a shelter in Galesburg, Illinois, in October 2021, the senior terrier mix has received lavish attention from employees – and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day.

“Sandy arrived at the shelter in 2013,” Lou Ann of the Knox County Humane Society told The Dodo. “[She] was on the run and no one claimed her.”

The 10-year-old puppy had several homes throughout the years, but she was relinquished during the pandemic when her parents grew ill. To make Sandy feel more at ease, the team devised a nighttime routine as unique as she is.

“Sandy has caught up the pattern of getting tucked in every night while she’s been here,” Lou Ann explained. “She gets up in her chair, and one of our employees tucks her in.” It has become into something she looks forward to practically every night.”

Sandy can be seen getting snuggled in here:

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