The blind cat is content to raise her one and only kitten indoors and dreams of their happily

Remille, a tabby cat, was rescued from a colony of cats on a farm in Montreal, Canada. She was discovered covered in filth and matting, in dire need of medical care.

Remille had a hazy eye when she was taken to Chatons Orphelins in Montreal, but it later found out to be blind. She was only skin and bones, weighing only three pounds, and was only half the size she ought to be.

They found out she was pregnant when they took her to the vet. She was all cleaned up and started gaining weight thanks to a caring foster family and an abundance of food.

The adorable cat quickly began to trust and behave like a kitten once more.

Remille rapidly came out of her shell and sought cuddles after receiving a lot of affection from her foster parents, according to Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal, who spoke to Love Meow.

Sadly, only one of the four kittens Remille gave birth to survived. Every two hours, the mother had to bottle-feed the lone infant until her maternal instincts began to take over.


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