The Cat Can’t Stop Kissing A Cyclist Who Saved A Lost Kitten

Viitor Fonseca, a Brazilian cyclist, was out riding his bike a few days ago when he noticed a tiny tabby kitten in severe need of assistance. He knew that if the baby was left alone, he would not be able to fend for himself, and the kitten was certainly alone.

Fonseca decided to bring the cat with him, but he didn’t have anywhere to put him, so he tucked the kitten into his shirt. The snuggled-up tabby didn’t seem to mind at all – in fact, he seemed to love the 6.2 mile drive to Fonseca’s apartment.

“Saving a life today,” Viitor wrote on Facebook. “I’m relieved he liked me and wasn’t clawing at me.” “All he did was lie,” the man continued.

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