Having been left outside alone, the kitten came across another cat and set out to win him over

A small grey kitten was found abandoned in Brooklyn and taken to a shelter in New York City. The kitten required a foster home as well as a friend to cuddle with.

Around that time, a litter of kittens who had been discovered as orphans were picked up by Jess Thoren, a fosterer from KittenBnB in New Jersey. The moment she saw the young singleton, she knew she had to bring him along.

“In comparison to the other kittens, he was around two weeks younger. He arrived at the shelter the same morning as everyone else and hadn’t been placed, so I took him too “Jess gave Love Meow a share.

Although he adored his new siblings, Frankie developed a strong affection for one of them and was anxious to win him over. He began nuzzling up to Dracula (the black kitten), and his desire of attention was incredibly tenacious.

The clingy grey cat would follow his new best friend around the playpen as soon as Dracula let young Frankie cuddle up to him.

The young cat had to catch up to the bigger kitties and begin running and getting into mischief, which took him another week. Frankie would intently observe Dracula while they played and mimic him.

Frankie was keen not to miss any action despite just just having his paws under him.

He’s always tried to keep up with his elder brothers, so he’s always played more of the ‘little brother’ role,” Erik continued.

Frankie developed a strong attachment to Dracula and insisted on sleeping with him every time. For an added measure of comfort, he would encircle him or curl up close to him, pressing his face against his friend’s coat.

The two were frequently observed cuddling together and purring loudly after each meal. Every day their connection grew deeper, and it became obvious that they couldn’t be parted.

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