This Cat Was Born With The Best Mustache Ever…this post will boost your mood

When Pavlova came up to a family’s house and they discovered she was a stray, they began caring for her from a distance. The sweet cat was quite frightened and would not allow anyone to approach her, but they fell in love with her regardless and only wanted what was best for her.

“A family had been feeding Pavlova for a few months and even created her a wooden box shelter to sleep in when it became chilly around Christmas,” said Tracy Deamer, an RSPCA animal care officer, in a press statement. “They became concerned for her well-being, and she was placed in our care at the end of January.”

“Pavlova is quite striking, with the most stunning black and white coat, exquisite markings, and the most incredible mouse-tache and goat-ee,” Deamer remarked. “We hope her lovely face will help her find a loving forever home!”

“She was extremely timid when she first arrived, and it’s taking her a while to get acclimated to us and the cattery,” Deamer explained. “She is a wonderfully gorgeous cat, but she does require a specific home with folks who have previously cared for scared cats.”

Pavlova and her moustache are incredibly unusual, and her rescuers are hopeful that her outlandish appearance will help her attract attention and quickly find her the perfect forever family.


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