Unwanted “Dream Dog” Receives A Very Special New Dad

Remi’s life did not get off to a wonderful start. The mother, siblings, and 1-year-old Belgian Malinois mix had been abandoned in a field. She required a good deal of care and a little luck.

Fortunately, The Labelle Foundation intervened to save the adorable puppies, and Remi soon got her happy home—with a big star.

Remi’s father, Taylor Lautner, told The Dodo that there were eight puppies and their mother, who gave birth in a field. They were saved around two weeks later. “A wonderful foster took in the mother and all eight puppies despite the fact that she already had a dog. At 10 weeks, we obtained [Remi] as soon as we could.

When the “Twilight” actress discussed getting a second puppy, she already shared a dog named Lily with her fiancé Taylor Dome.

For me, it was a no-brainer, Lautner added. “When Tay showed me pictures of Remi and her account of being abandoned, I knew I had to go retrieve her immediately. She’s a dream dog, and this year has been the best one of our life.

Remi not only completed his family but also stoked his enthusiasm for fighting for other shelter animals in need of a loving home. Lautner is currently taking part in this year’s Clear The Shelters campaign by Hill, which aims to persuade potential pet owners to adopt a furry friend in need.

Lautner remarked, “There are so many incredible foundations and shelters out there. “I advise people to visit a nearby shelter and adopt if you’re ready to take the next step toward becoming a pet parent.”

Naturally, both dogs are “Team Jacob,” but Remi offered Lautner something he didn’t know he needed: a newfound love of life.

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