We didn’t educate the dog to walk like a human; it was his notion

As a puppy, we purchased Dexter. He was a pure-bred Brittany spaniel who was a cute ball of excitement. He immediately won my heart, my husband’s heart, and the hearts of my two children. The previous year, we had lost an old dog and rescued another, who we sadly had to put to sleep. We were devastated. So we gave Dexter all of our affection.

He assimilated into the community here in Ouray, Colorado, a tiny mountain town, very fast. On their way to school, kids pass our yard and stop to pet him. We gave him the name of a nearby brook.

Dexter was hurt in a horrible accident in March 2016, when he was over a year old. He fled from our yard, and we believe that he did so after smelling a deer track. About a mile from our house, he ran in front of a car.

Tim, my husband, discovered him with severely damaged front legs. Tim was unconcerned because he volunteers as a mountain rescue first responder. To come right away, he called. As soon as I got inside the car, I spotted my infant and gasped in horror. Dexter was in a lot of pain, and it was worse than I’d anticipated. There was no question that we needed to get him to the vet, but because the nearest one was an hour away, there was no time to waste.

Dexter is now seven years old. He has altered the definition of what it means to be physically impaired. Nothing can stop him from moving forward, and he is the happiest dog. I’m really pleased with him. People in difficult situations write me messages from all around the world saying, “If Dexter can do it, so can I.” He gained notoriety after an uninvited stranger’s video of him appeared on US primetime television. He loves getting all the love and treats. He’s still our family pet, a dog who enjoys chasing balls, collecting sticks, and going for runs in the park, but, at the end of the day.


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