When the runner turns around, she notices a flock of lost sheep pursuing her

Eleanor Scholz was out for a solo hike while she and her boyfriend were touring France. She heard several sheep approaching as she was moving along the trail, which wasn’t unusual, but as they appeared, she recognised something remarkable was taking place. The sheep were haphazardly pursuing a jogging woman.

Scholz admitted to The Dodo that it “took me a second to realise what I was seeing.” She wasn’t dressed like any shepherd I had ever seen, and it seemed uncommon for a shepherd to be running, so at first I assumed maybe she was a shepherd.

Then I got off the trail and stepped behind a tree because I was worried that she was being pursued and that there might be a chance of getting stampeded. I became aware that something genuinely wacky was going on when she stopped to talk with me and all the sheep stopped and waited for her.

The runner informed Scholz as they conversed. She was running by when the sheep, who appeared to be lost, decided to follow her. She was the leader they decided they needed. The stop along the trail didn’t seem to faze the sheep at all, and a few of them trotted over to greet Scholz.

The funniest thing, according to Scholz, was how everyone just stood there and waited. I was concerned that some of them would start following me when they came up to me right away, but they waited there politely while she and I spoke. They didn’t appear anxious or unusually exhausted.

In an effort to return the sheep back to their proper location, the runner planned to lead them to a location with some meadows. She had no idea how they had been disoriented or why they had decided to stick with her, but as soon as they did, she resolved to assist them.


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